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Education Productions

Intersat’s “Universal Access Framework” or UAF aims to provide educators with an innovative way to create, organize and implement course curriculum or programs using online resources and online collaboration tools.

What we can do? Server Hosting including new server hosting account set up and administration. Learning Management System (LMS) and Electric Portfolio (EP) administration and maintenance. WEB Development and administration including PHP programming and CSS. And if you need the right advice – talk to a consultant!

Current Works

  1. LMS (Moodle) Administrator: Iwate University Global Education Center (since 2011 – current) LINK
  2. WebSite Developer: Thai for friendship is a Japan-Thailand Teaching Program at Iwate University (since 2014 – current ) LINK
  3. EP (WordPress) Developer and Administrator: Iwate University Education Department (since 2014 – current) LINK
  4. Website Developer: Discover-Our-Town Project による「合科型内容中心英語教育」の実践的研修モデル開発~岩手県沿岸の被災地の高校において~ 略称 (since 2015 – 2017) ASK
  5. e-Book Developer (since 2015 – current) Universal Access Framework “UAF” – Author of snatchat in English; a new University textbook series with course homepage, course app for mobile devices, and eLearning components ASK
  6. Application Developer (since 2017 – 2019) Thailand and Japan Lesson Study Project Education Department Iwate University: Linking English and Math Education between Morioka and Bangkok through Lesson Study LINK
  7. TMU COIL (2018): Collaborative Online International Learning is an initiative to broaden the scope of TMUs biology curriculum using online resources and international interaction.

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